Morocco Desert Tours From Marrakech
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Morocco Desert Tours From Marrakech – Travel Resort

Morocco is a breathtaking place to visit, with its cacophony of sounds, vibrant colors, and the wonderful aromas of the spice markets. This amazing country in North Africa has awe-inspiring natural landscapes as well as some truly unique architecture. The warm, welcoming locals and the country’s rich culture are the reason why so many travelers sign up for the Morocco Desert Tours as their holiday option. Although there are hundreds of stunning sights to see, there are a few exotic ones that will make your trip to Morocco unforgettable.

Experience all that the Morocco desert has to offer by taking one of the exciting and fun-filled tours through the desert. This rich cultural experience will make your holiday trip unforgettable, not to mention the Instagram-worthy pictures that you will get out of it! Each of these cultural Morocco desert tours is led by experienced local drivers and guides who speak English very well and will take you off the beaten track for a unique desert experience.

The Best Desert Tours From Marrakech

The bustling atmosphere of Marrakech makes it one of the most popular spots among travelers. The Morocco desert tour are an ideal way to visit the imperial cities of Fes, Meknes, and Rabat. This tour will also help you to discover a huge portion of the southern part of Morocco. The tour departs from the city of Marrakech, moving towards the Atlas Mountains. The curvy road takes you through breathtakingly beautiful scenery, past Berber villages and the fortified dwellings with their cinematic attractions.

The desert tours from Marrakech are designed to give you an exhilarating blend of experiences, from staying in the traditional hotels in the heart of the desert to the spectacular walks along the immense gorges, and the drive through the arid plains of the desert, where you can ride the camels in Merzouga. You also have the option to spend the night in a nomad bivouac where you can soak in the beauty of the peaceful, starry night. Toward the end of the desert tours from Marrakech, the route takes you toward Fes through a beautiful cedar forest which is home to a vast range of critters including some playful monkeys. All in all, desert tours from Marrakech are refreshingly different from most other tours and they take you to a lot of places that you absolutely must not miss on your visit to Morocco.

Marrakech Fes Desert Tours – Spectacular Desert Excursions

The cultural tours to some of Morocco’s most amazing attractions are a great experience for all visitors, whether you’re an intrepid traveler or on a relaxed family trip. The lavish architectural spectacles are a beautiful sight to behold, and the grandeur of the desert and the mountains of Marrakech present fascinating sights that you will not find elsewhere.

When you go on one of the popular Marrakech Fes Desert Tours, you can choose to ride the camels at sunset to a location in the sand dunes for a scrumptious, locally inspired dinner under the beautiful sky. Afterwards, you can spend an unforgettable night in your own tent that has the necessary amenities for your comfort. In the morning, there’s time enough to watch the sunrise before riding the camels towards the Berber villages which blend beautifully into Atlas Mountains. Our Marrakech Fes Desert Tours are versatile and you can choose the options that best meet your requirements from our wide range of tour packages. You can even custom-design your very own holiday trip so that you begin and end your tour in the city of your choice. When you opt for a private tour, we can customize it to suit your budget and time-frame.

Merzouga – An Unexpected Gem in the Sahara Desert

This small town in the Sahara desert is located near the Algerian border and is the gateway to a vast expanse of sand dunes known as Erg Chebbi. To the west of Merzouga is a seasonal salt lake that attracts a huge array of migratory and desert birds when it’s full. A well-timed visit here could culminate in once-in-a-lifetime experiences and views of beautiful Egyptian nightjars, desert warblers, and even majestic flamingos. The guided Merzouga desert tours through the Sahara desert can even be tailored to include sand boarding, sunrise or sunset excursions on camels as well as an overnight stay in an oasis camp in the desert.

A Great Reason to Visit Zagora

Zagora is popular pit stop along some of the Morocco desert tours en route to the Sahara Desert. It is the last big town you will see on your way to Erg Chigaga, a major dune in the Moroccan desert. The town of Zagora is nestled in the Draa River valley in southeastern Morocco right next to the Zagora Mountains which gave this scenic town its name. This oasis is an excellent place for travelers to experience the true traditional Moroccan culture among the incredible scenery and outstanding sites. It’s also a great chance to take beautiful sunrise or sunset pictures that your friends and family won’t believe aren’t photo shopped!

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