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Mobility Friendly Travel Tips – Orlando, Florida – Travel Resort

Ah, Florida – home of everything from glistening beaches to the magic of Disney World. With so much to do, there’s no wonder that its tourist capital, Orlando, is loved by people of all ages. In fact, this easy-to-access city should be a great trip even if you’re traveling with grandparents or older folks with mobility challenges. So take a look at a few of our tips below.

Disney World Is for Everyone

People young and old love the magic of Disney. And with a wide variety of rides, you can still have a blast even if you’re on the older side. After all, “It’s A Small World” isn’t exactly for thrill-seekers. There are even special guides for Disney wheelchair rental users, so you can know exactly which rides are easy to get on.


Universal Orlando Too

It may not have the same charm as Disneyland, but Universal Studios Orlando is just as accessible. That said, some of their rides tend to be on the more “extreme” side, so you may want to wait those out, while the kids give them a whirl. But with attractions like Harry Potter Land, there are definitely options fit for the whole family. Take a look at their accessibility guide.

Culture Time – Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Want a break from all the themepark action? Well then head on over to the Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. It’s the home of everything from great musicals, to comedy, to an orchestra, so there’s sure to be something for the whole family to enjoy. Best of all, they have generous sight-lines, and plenty of wheelchair seating – some even big enough for a powerchair.

Orlando – there really is something for everyone!

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