Health Benefits of Camping Trips
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Health Benefits of Camping Trips – Travel Resort

Many people go on camping trips to enjoy the breath-taking views, be at one with nature and switch off from the rest of the world. Little do people know, however, that camping actually has a number of health benefits that are often gone unnoticed.

Whether you’re camping out in tents, spending time in a glam pod or you’re enjoying the comfort of your stylish campervan, your camping trip is perfect for giving your health a boost, whilst enjoying yourself at the same time!

Social Benefits

There’s nothing more refreshing than switching off your phone for a few days and enjoying the company of your closest friends or family. Camping is the perfect time to spend some quality time socialising with your favourite people and it’s also really good for your health to do so. Whilst camping alone can be a fun, relaxing experience, it’s always fun to share your experiences and adventures with others, as well as being slightly safer, too.

Studies show that socialising can help to improve your life expectancy, as well as keeping your mind active and helping you to feel confident and positive as an individual.

Relieves Stress

It’s an obvious benefit, but camping is perfect for relieving stress and enabling you to wind down and relax. Stress is a negative feeling that can have a negative impact on your health, so heading out into the great outdoors can really help to relive this stress and give you a much more positive feel.

Whilst you may encounter a few ‘stressful’ moments when camping, putting everything down for a few days and enjoying quality family time or spending time with close friends will help you to switch off from the issues that may result in stress and help give your mind a good detox.

Plenty of Sleep

Dependant on location and whether or not you have a barn owl singing the night away, camping is usually a very good time to catch up on some much-needed rest. For those camping in tents, you’ll often find that even if you don’t have your trusty floor mat, after a day full of outdoor activities you’ll probably have one of the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time.

For those in a glam pod or enjoying a cosy campervan bed, whilst it may not be the same as your beautiful oak bed at home, your busy day of exploring will help you switch off and snuggle down properly, getting a good night’s sleep that will help your body repair and refresh. Getting a good night’s sleep is also really good for helping you to stay alert and functioning properly.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Everybody feels better after a little fresh air, not to mention the positive effects the sunshine has on our moods, so combining the two together and setting off on an exciting camping trip is perfect for your health.  Spending plenty of time at one with nature, surrounded by trees and greenery enables you to inhale more oxygen than normal, as well as the fresh, pure air that isn’t as available in the towns and cities.

As for the sunshine, sun rays are perfect for helping you to relax and unwind, as well as giving your skin a healthy glow. Vitamin D is really beneficial for your health, helping your body to absorb essential elements and keeping your mood positive and upbeat.

Risk Taking

Throughout camping trips, you often find yourself venturing out on some exciting adventure that requires you to push yourself and take a risk. Whether it’s hopping across a river by the small stones positioned along the way, or you find yourself clambering into a cave with a small group and tour guide, pushing yourself and setting new challenges is perfect for helping to keep your brain active.

These challenges will also create a kick of adrenaline which is really beneficial for keeping you positive and motivated.

Exercise and Fitness

it goes without saying that with camping trips, comes a lot of exercise and fitness. You don’t always realise it but walking through the country and going on your many adventures is a great way of getting that essential exercise into your day. This is by far the strongest benefit to camping, as a lot of the time, the exercise is happening without you even realising, so it’s actually almost effortless!

Keeping active and enjoying the camping adventures will keep your brain active, blood flowing and help you to keep focused and positive!

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