Great Foods To Serve At A Wedding
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Great Foods To Serve At A Wedding – Travel Resort

If you’re planning to join in holy matrimony (or just plain old regular matrimony) with your significant other, then you’ll have an incredibly complicated and expensive day to plan.  Among the things you’ll need to worry about is catering.  If you’ve invited a hundred or so people to come celebrate the occasion, then you’ll want them to have fun in the process.  And this means serving great food.  But at the same time, the cost of said food can quickly escalate when it’s multiplied over the entire guestlist.

Dedicated London wedding reception venues, and those elsewhere in the country, might provide you with a few options to choose from.  But whether you’re hosting your wedding in a traditional church setting, or in the middle of a London river cruise, you’ll want to be sure that the menu is fit for purpose.  Let’s take a look at some of the foods you might consider serving shortly after you make your vows.

Macaroni and Cheese

While you might think of macaroni and cheese as a cheap-and-cheerful option that’s not really prestigious enough for a wedding, it’s still something that’ll make an impact provided that it’s served in an appropriately posh style.  Get a small pot and use small amounts of a strong cheese like gruyere or Roquefort for an inexpensive, impressive side dish.


Again, breadsticks tend to be extremely economical – but you can make things a little fancier by infusing them with exotic flavours.  The extract of root vegetables like parsnips and beetroot are sure to help take these savoury snacks to an entirely new level.

Egg on toast

Again, this might seem a cheap option – but not if you dress it up a little.  Get freshly-baked rye bread and a quail’s egg, baked inside a nest of prosciutto ham.  It’s sure to get your guests talking, particularly if it’s dressed up with a garnish of sage.

Filo Parcels

If you’re looking for something elegant and impressive, then you’ll find few materials more accommodating than the thinnest of all the pastries – filo.  Wrap it around almost any foodstuff and you’ll have a recipe for class – but getting the best from it will require a little bit of culinary skill.  You’ll find it available frozen from most supermarkets – keep it covered while you’re working to prevent it from drying out.


There are few things in the world more expensive than caviar – which is what makes it such a suitable dish for an occasion this special.  Naturally, you’ll need to have deep pockets if you’re to serve it to more than a handful of guests – and even then, portion sizes will need to be carefully controlled.  If you don’t think your guests are going to enjoy it – perhaps because they’re not wealthy enough to have had it before – then it’s probably best to let them make the discovery on their own time.

The Cake

Of course, no wedding would be complete without a slice of delicious cake.  The wedding cake isn’t just for tasting, however; it’ll also form a visual centrepiece for the meal itself, and thus it should on no account be neglected.  It’s a chance to impress everyone with your cakemaking prowess – or, more accurately, your prowess at sourcing and financing a suitably-qualified caterer.  Opt for something that’s many-layered, and which reflects the personality of both parts of the happy couple.


After the reception dinner, your guests will want to wind down with a cup of coffee.  Get the stuff that’s freshly-ground, and serve it with an appropriate garnish.  Almonds are traditional at a wedding; dip them in something sweet and tasty, like white chocolate.  Alternatively, a dark and sharp fruit like a black cherry will perfectly complement a suitably black coffee.  Note that not all of your guests will be tolerant of caffeine, and thus some other suitable after-dinner denouement will need to be provided – a wafer-thin chocolate mint is certainly cheaper, and traditional.

In conclusion

If you’re planning a wedding, then you’ll have myriad factors to consider – it’s enough stress to simply get food on the table, never mind ensuring that the food is distinctive and memorable.  But if you get it right, then your choice of food can play just as important a role in making your special day special as, say, the location or the venue.  With food being increasingly important to more and more of us, getting the menu right will help to ensure that your guests walk away satisfied.

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